January 21, 2006

logical fallacy in tag body spray commercials

Posted in Shea at 5:10 pm by primergrey

the commercials for tag body spray contain a blatant and hilarious faulty cause-effect fallacy.  the fallacy is if you wear tag body spray, beautiful women will be very strongly attracted to you.  in one of the ads, a guy puts tag on before picking up his date at her parent’s house.  when the girl’s mom answers the door and smells the boy, she becomes attracted to him and makes a pass at him.  in another commercial a guy wearing tag is attacked by a female wrestler, and there is also a commercial where a guy is mobbed by chicks in a grocery store.  these commercials end with a warning that says something to the effect of the makers of tag body spray cannot be held liable if any injuries occur while wearing tag in the vicinity of female wrestler, etc.  if the argument of these commercials is you should buy tag, then the effect of the fallacy on the argument is it says if you buy this product, you will get laid more.



  1. Matt Miller said,

    These commercials are hilarious! I am pretty sure there was another one either for tag or axe which showed a guy in an apartment complex on one of the top floors taking a shower using the body wash. The drain pipe ran down through other apartments and the women in them were all hanging on the pipe supposedly trying to get to the smell. I’m sure there are a ton of guys out there wishing that was really the case, maybe even some desperate ones who really believe it and cover themselves in this stuff! I wouldn’t buy it but I know these commercials have sold plenty of product despite the presence of the fallacies. Good post Shea.

  2. Aleena said,

    I enjoyed reading your blog. The commercial you picked, about Tag Body Spray was an excellent example of a faulty cause and effect fallacy. In all three of your examples it shows how the company wants the people to believe if you wear the body spray you will get more girls after you, even though that is completely unrealistic and not true.

  3. Haha, this blog about Tag Body Spray is funny. The commercials are pretty rediculous, and they, from my past experiences, do not produce the results that the do on the commercials. The faulty cause and effect is pretty bad for this, Axe body spray, and a bunch of other Mens spray that smell good, but girls definitely won’t fall for you over it.


  4. Kelly said,

    I was actually thinking about those commercials when we talked about some other commercials in class! I think they are hilarious just for the pure fact that the concept is so off the wall, that I find myself laughing at the stupidity. I was laughing so hard at the one where the girls in the grocery store are diving head first to try and tackle the guy. Your blog was really well written to prove the point and you chose the best example because we can really relate to that.

  5. Lauren said,

    When I read your post I was actually thinking about axe body spray commercials that are shown on TV. They are very similar to the tag body spray commercials, being that they are competing corporations. But I wonder who came up with the idea that using scented deodorant will allow any regular male to gain the attention of an attractive woman first?

  6. Brian said,

    I don’t know what the big deal is. I get laid everytime I wear Tag out.

  7. tovorinok said,


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  8. jabink said,

    what is the actual faulty cause and effect fallacy?!?! theres many of them which one fits it best?!

  9. Idetrorce said,

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  10. Dante Sparda said,

    well my favorite one is the one that with the guy on the island and a shit load of chicks are swimming and racing towards him and eventually have this mosh pit with the guy it always cracks me up.

  11. hilo said,

    i need help on a genetic fallay or tu quoqe fallacy example

  12. hilo said,

    wuz up home skillet

  13. Insokerok said,

    Sounds intersting.. Are you trying to be with my pretty labor I have a fresh joke for you) Did you hear about the kid who traded his hotdog for a hamburger?? He was participating in a SWAP MEAT!!!!

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